Who We Are

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Our Mission Statement 

We are a non-denominational Church ministering to the  Body, Mind, and Spirit of our Community. Our teachings follow the Ancient 1st and 2nd century traditions of  Mystic Christianity.  At the core of our practice is the recognition of a Spiritual Hierarchy, Faith, Discipline, and God’s presence among us. We recognize Christ as a World Teacher and Redeemer.
We also recognize that God spoke to many people in many lands throughout many Ages. Therefore, we honor the God-given gift of Free Will in regards to one’s own conscience. Key to our Discipline is Striving towards healing and bringing Peace to a broken world. Our goal is to assist Humanity in manifesting the Blessings of Justice, Righteousness,  Joy , and Freedom.
Society is today at a crossroads and it is the responsibility of each of us, individually and together, to cultivate and nourish the Highest Good. We invite you to attend any of our other programs and hope to see you again very soon.
God bless you in your Spiritual endeavor!

The Body

When the stresses of life affect our body, the Church of Holistic Science provides comfort through healing body work at Aquarian Age Massage. Various therapeutic options are available in addition to the best steam room and sauna in Tulsa .

The Mind

Our efforts to provide nourishment for the mind are through Peace of Mind Bookstore. With the largest metaphysical selection in the nation, there is sure to be something to entice any and all spiritual seekers. We also have over 175 type of herbs in our Herb Room along with a large selection of Herbal Healing reference books to assist one’s journey towards natural living.

The Spirit

The Church of Holistic Science dedicates itself to caring for the whole person through a healing ministry. We offer meditation classes, yoga classes, and workshops on various health oriented topics such as Holistic Medicine, Nutrition, and Herbal Workshops.


Welcome to the Church of Holistic Science