Church of Holistic Science Board Members

Richard Green

church of holistic science

Richard Green- Board President.

Board President

Richard has been a member of the Church of Holistic Science since the 80’s when he began his studies of the Ancient Mysteries and Hermeneutic works focusing on Ancient Hieroglyphs.   Richard believes that a mind-body-spirit holistic approach to spirituality remains the cornerstone of practicing  meditation, the therapeutic arts, and a healthy overall lifestyle. Richard is originally from Missouri and began working in architecture as a high school student.  He went on to study at Kansas State University where he obtained a degree in Architecture.  He is now employed at the City of Tulsa in the Public Works Division.  Richard’s last class through CHS was “Myth Review of Osiris and Isis” which expressed its important cultural significance through anthropological, cognitive and Jungian psychological considerations.  As a church volunteer his passion is to allow community enthusiasts to increase their understanding of world spiritualism and the progress of self-development through the arts.

Beth Mathers

Vice-President- Church of holistic science

Rev. Beth Mathers has been a member of the Church of Holistic Science since its inception. Beth is available for wedding ceremonies, baptisms, and other religious ceremonies.


Ruth Bilder

Secretary- church of holistic science