Cosmic Waves: Get It Together



Cosmic Waves Overview

I wanted to review about the T Square in the “get it together” interpersonal aspects of Neptune (group consciousness), the North Node (destiny) and Saturn (learn your lessons). As the next weeks go by there will be some positive movement concerning this cosmic life lesson we are enduring. In general, the element of Neptune (mass consciousness and subliminal impulses) is contrary to the North  Node (of the future) all squared to Saturn (the tough task master). Right now, you know that we are wrestling with what the right path looks like. What we have been dwelling on is what we dislike the most about the actual situation. Get used to it, because there are still many who just are struggling with the changing times. The challenge is to include the needs that stabilize us, not just ranting. What is good this week is that there will be some heartfelt talks about what you want in life. Getting clarity of what is really right for you is the big question. Are you asking for more or less than your share?  Many are already making that shift from consumerism to living a simpler life and enjoying it. Remember your impressions because in a few weeks when Mars powers up those internal conflicts, you will want to have a baseline set with a level head.

Also that Grand Trine in Water will release on Monday, but it will be hard to tell. Because other great heartfelt connections will continue and amp up on slightly different levels. Uranus has been mostly harsh, but will turn benefit for a while. This Includes some extra unusual and fortuitous opportunities later this week. Still a lot to slog through in the daily heartbeat, but count your blessings that some area of life is boring. Could get very interesting for a number of people through the next week.

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