Barbara Hebert: Living Spiritually in a Difficult World

The Tulsa Theosophical Society


Barbara Hebert

“Living Spiritually in a Difficult World”

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Peace of Mind Books


Theosophical Society National Vice-President, Barbara Hebert will be visiting the Tulsa Chapter on Saturday, November 19th to deliver her lecture: “Living Spiritually in a Difficult World.” The event will take place at Peace of Mind Bookstore.
Lecture will run from 11:00 am – 2:15 with a break for Lunch.
No cost to attend.
Lunch will be provided.

barbara hebert

Barbara Hebert, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at Northwestern Louisiana State University. A private practitioner, Dr. Hebert has given presentations at both state and national counseling conferences on the topic of wholeness and self-healing. She is currently serving as National Vice-President of the Theosophical Society in America.


Cosmic Waves Week in Review

COSMIC WAVES WEEK IN REVIEW Cosmic waves week in review
For this Cosmic Wave Week in Review, as I take a look at that T Square for another week, I just have to say “ugh”. For most, there are lots of life events that are just fine. The place where there is stress is where change is insisting on execution. It is our choice what to support. Minutia or sensational spin needs to give way to substance. Either we embrace what has to move or we die holding onto the untenable. None of this transformation will be easy with the Sun going into its yearly position in Virgo. Which brings more attention to detail and being aware of how we are seen. Couple that with Saturn in Scorpio which influence makes an intensity that is frightening to most of us.
Taking a lead from the Moon and Neptune in Aquarius, Friday and Saturday will bring a challenge to how we view our compatriots in this country. Instead of calling for a more loving and understanding emoting, why don’t we simply dig at what the real problem is, rather than hoping those who struggle will get over it. They won’t without change in their lives. Being engaged in that trauma makes our lives seem unstable, but remember, being under real stress is way more intense than telling another about what is going on. Stay tuned in, but demand that the core issues be worked on, not unproductive angry words.
There are some shifts this week in the planets and stars. The Sun will join Jupiter in Virgo. While this is a time when those who tend to be ill can be reminded of their vulnerabilities, a smart person would simply take this next month to get back into a healthy routine and get their check-ups. Getting down to the details of changes in routine and beliefs can be a focus this month also. Make the most of it.
Also Mars will move into Sagittarius on Sunday the 18th. It is still stressed by a T Square so the end result will your very perspective or philosophy will be tested for truth and viability. So much of our life is what we believe. Expect a test this week. There is a time for holding onto immutable truths, but they are hard to sort from the manipulated perceptions that try to control us.
And some good news that the Mercury Retrograde completely goes out by September 23rd. By then most of the internal work for now has been brought into light and you can then start to see the pieces come into form. This has been tough for those struggling with the T Square connections of actions and stability. For the rest of us, the time of fine tuning has brought up enough work for now. Do be aware that Friday is a Full Moon and an eclipse. This is not a time to wishful thinking. Keep it real, and practical. Otherwise the outcomes will be unpredictable and possibly unsatisfactory.

COSMIC WAVES: Shift Happens

COSMIC WAVES: Shift HappensCosmic Waves: Shift Happens

Cosmic Waves: Shift Happens.
There are some shifts this week that I want to expand upon. One is the apex of the T Square, which is Saturn, will be going direct this week. Also Mars will pass Saturn over the next few weeks also. In real terms that means the things that have been impeding you will
have lots of energy and reason to make changes to things that are not
working. To add another layer of timing, this week will be more about getting the plans and ground work done. The week after will be seeing the consequences and figure how to adjust for things that are unintended.
The sign involved here, and crucial in this transformation, is Scorpio. So things that relate to how you interact with energies around you as well as your philosophy will make a shift if they are not in harmony with the flow of the future. So clean up, let go, and anything that drains your energy has to be reckoned with. Seriously, you have a couple of weeks of real opportunity to do this, so please even if it is something seemingly minor, get it done! If you don’t, by the time Mars makes its way to Pluto, which is around October 11th to 26th, you will have a cosmic two by four on your head. I prefer to take care of things before it becomes a crisis. Especially when it comes to attitude adjustments and outlooks.
Eclipse of the Sun by Saturn

Eclipse of the Sun by Saturn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also there is a partial eclipse this week. Generally, a signal of a shift in consciousness or events. This is more a heads up of events to happen in early September when the real deal happens. Take note of what is shaping up with changes in your life and make wise choices. No time to play loose with the facts or realities. Important outcomes hinge on your decisions for September. Hopefully, with so much that is well aspected, getting good news about our heart’s desire will be worth the effort.
Remember last weeks’ notes on Jupiter going into Virgo. Details and plans will take a shift into something very productive. The negative side of this is people who are to entrenched into the past or no longer useful expectations will find illness creeping into their lives. So if you find yourself getting run down or sick, take a different perspective before you are completely out of commission.

Cosmic Waves: Get It Together



Cosmic Waves Overview

I wanted to review about the T Square in the “get it together” interpersonal aspects of Neptune (group consciousness), the North Node (destiny) and Saturn (learn your lessons). As the next weeks go by there will be some positive movement concerning this cosmic life lesson we are enduring. In general, the element of Neptune (mass consciousness and subliminal impulses) is contrary to the North  Node (of the future) all squared to Saturn (the tough task master). Right now, you know that we are wrestling with what the right path looks like. What we have been dwelling on is what we dislike the most about the actual situation. Get used to it, because there are still many who just are struggling with the changing times. The challenge is to include the needs that stabilize us, not just ranting. What is good this week is that there will be some heartfelt talks about what you want in life. Getting clarity of what is really right for you is the big question. Are you asking for more or less than your share?  Many are already making that shift from consumerism to living a simpler life and enjoying it. Remember your impressions because in a few weeks when Mars powers up those internal conflicts, you will want to have a baseline set with a level head.

Also that Grand Trine in Water will release on Monday, but it will be hard to tell. Because other great heartfelt connections will continue and amp up on slightly different levels. Uranus has been mostly harsh, but will turn benefit for a while. This Includes some extra unusual and fortuitous opportunities later this week. Still a lot to slog through in the daily heartbeat, but count your blessings that some area of life is boring. Could get very interesting for a number of people through the next week.

COSMIC WAVES: For Lovers and Dreamers

Pisces Symbol

Pisces Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



For the lovers and dreamers out there, Friday starts a shift in the Grand Trine into all water signs. Depending on how stable you and your intended are, this could be a hallmark of closer ties and promises. What is interesting is all the players in this are at 0* (Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer). Traditionally the actual first degree or so of a shift is stressful. With all this emotional focus, I suggest that the three phases of Water can be fully explored for healing. The story goes that Pisces is mutable, expressed as an oscillation of all that can be watery or emotional in nature. Cancer then takes that information and synthesizes the information for a direction of use. Then Scorpio creates the transformation into the full embodiment of the emotional nature. I suggest that many will be going into new territories of greater understanding and lasting emotional connection.  This will occur until July 23rd, 2016. So pay attention and stay engaged if you are interested in that connection of a lifetime. If there is much emotional baggage involved, patience and understanding will be necessary!

On the world front, there is still a lot that is not visible or knowable. Stay vigilant to the subtext and demand better if it is foul. That Square with Neptune and Saturn will break up about November 3rd, 2016. The good thing is the political world is starting to respond to the very souls they represent, although the filter of each varies in ethics and outcomes. Yep, it is a moving target, but then the voice of the people has been complacent for so long, the adaption will take time. Stay hopeful but aware.

Astrological signs

Astrological signs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Intro to Herbs and How They Heal

herbs and how they heal

 Herbs and How They Heal

June 18th 11:00 am- 12:00 noon

Peace of Mind Books

$20 per person

Call 918-583-1090

or click here to register

“Herbs and How They Heal” is a basic introduction course to the wonderful world of herbalism. Starting at the Genesis, we will cover basic live herb growth and care, the sentience of plants, plant safety, and basic herbal preparations.
Each student will be given an information packet which will include several DIY herbal projects you can try at home (such as baths, shampoo, and insect repellent!), as well as a starter kit for making their own herbal teas.
Miranda is certified through The Herbal Healer Academy. Her areas of study include but are not limited to the following:introduction to herbs
  • Herbal baths
  • Herbal Teas
  • Infusions
  • Liniments
  • Tinctures
  • Herbal oils
  • Taste identification
  • Sprouting seeds
  • Growing plants
  • Cough syrup
  • Powdered herbal blends
  • Capsules
  • Salves
  • Fomentations
  • Handling herbal roots
  • Herbal cooking
  • Smudging
  • Diets, health and herbsherb sale
  • Properties of herbs
  • Internal and external preparations
  • Principles of administering herbs
  • Important herb identification
  • Main herbs to know and use
  • Massage & reflexology
  • Common ailments and herbology
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Dangerous herbs
  • Your authority to heal
  • Growing herbs
  • Cooking with herbs
  • Herbal formulations

John Newton: Health Beyond Belief

john newton health beyond belief

John Newton:Health Beyond Belief

Ancestral Clearing

April 21-23, 2016

Peace of Mind Books

John Newton of Health Beyond Belief will be facilitating powerful Ancestral Clearings that help remove the blocks, burden and debris from your life and ancestral lineage, restoring physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. To see John’s website visit

Fri. and Sat. events will be held at the Peace of Mind Bookstore
1401 E. 15th Street, Tulsa, OK 74120 (918)583-1090
Click Here for Map

  • Thursday April 21st  7-8:30 PM: Ancestral Clearing Free Group Event Unity Center of Tulsa 1830 S. Boston
    Group clearings, Q&A and personal attention offered at these transformational events.  Please register to ensure a seat!  Click Here (Select the date, then time for the event in the pop up calendar)
  • Friday April 22nd  7-9:00 PM: Ancestral Clearing Group Intensive
    Clearing and knowledge shared around ending suffering as well as support for all aspects of well-being: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial.  RSVP requiredClick Here To Register  (Select the date, then time for the event in the pop up calendar)

    If you are attending both paid events, Click here to register

Workshop: Abundance, Sacred Relationships
& Perfect Health

  • Saturday April 23rd 9:00 am – 12 Noon
    In this 3+ hour intensive, John offers extensive knowledge, insights and Ancestral Clearing to promote well-being in all areas of life.   When you are free of ‘karma’ accumulated from your life and ancestral lineage, you will begin living with purpose, clarity and a powerful connection to Source.  Special focus will be on abundance, sacred relationships and perfect health.  $99  RSVP Required Click Here  (Select the date, then time for the event in the pop up calendar)
    If you are attending both paid events, Click here to register

Getting Back to Basics

Getting Back to Basics

Returning to the Mystical Path of the Masters

with Samir Al-Hamed

Sundays at 2:45 pm

getting back to basics


What was Christianity before being politicized by Rome? Have the original teachings of Islam experienced something similar? Join Sam as he explores the parallel hijacking of these two powerful forces.


This month’s teachings: Clement of Alexandria and the period up to the reign of Emperor Constantine with an emphasis in Greek philosophy and Early Christian Thought.

Clement of Alexandria was a convert to Christianity, he was an educated man who was familiar with classical Greek philosophy and literature. As his three major works demonstrate, Clement was influenced by Hellenistic philosophy to a greater extent than any other Christian thinker of his time, and in particular by Plato and the Stoics.[1] His secret works, which exist only in fragments, suggest that he was also familiar with pre-Christian Jewish esotericism and Gnosticism. In one of his works he argued that Greek philosophy had its origin among non-Greeks, claiming that both Plato and Pythagoras were taught by Egyptian scholars. Among his pupils were Origen and Alexander of Jerusalem.

CHS Welcomes Andre Clewell

The Tulsa Theosophical Society Welcomes

CHS welcomes lecturer andre clewellEcologist Andre Clewell

to Tulsa

Saturday November 21st

10:30am– 3:30pm

at Peace of Mind Books


Dr. Andre Clewell will be giving two free lectures:


Theosophy and the Wisdom Traditions:

10:30 to 12:30 pm


Planes and the Human Constitution:

1:30 to 3:30 pm


12:30 to 1:30 pm Break
A lunch of soup and sandwiches will be provided during break.
Check your schedules so you can attend!
Andre Clewell has practiced ecological restoration since 1979.  He has also been engaged in research, policy development, and the advancement of restoration as a profession and conservation strategy. Clewell is currently implementing projects on the Tibetan Plateau of Southwest China to reconnect fragmented forests as habitats for Giant Pandas.