The faculty at CHS has an extensive and various background.  Employing instructors from all sacred paths and traditions enables us to realize our dream of making this a Spiritually Connected Community Center.  Just like the spokes on the wheel of our symbol, each person contributes their talents towards manifesting the vision of the church. Click on the links provided to see each teachers qualifications and the classes that they offer here at CHS.

Our faculty is also present at our health fairs available to the public for lectures and individual counseling.

The holistic concept upholds that all aspects of people’s needs including psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole.  Some practitioners of holistic medicine use alternative medicine exclusively, though sometimes holistic treatment can mean simply that a physician takes account of all a person’s circumstances in giving treatment. Sometimes when alternative medicine is mixed with mainstream medicine the result is called “holistic” medicine, though this is more commonly termed integrative medicine.


Michelle JohnsonCommunications and Curriculum Development
Samir Al-Hamed– Academy Leader and Academic Liason
Lynn Bootes– Vedic Astrology
Connie Hansen– Western Astrology and Tarot
Russ Doden– Reiki and Meditation
Star Hachem– Belly Dance
Shana Zimmerman- Crystal Healing
David Kazmeirzak- Meditation and Yoga
Faculty member- Russ Doden

Russ Doden teaches Reiki.

Faculty Member- Lynn Bootes

Lynn Bootes teaches Vedic Astrology.

Faculty member- Star Hachem

Belly Dance Instructor Star Hachem.

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