Lynn Bootes

Vedic Astrologer


Lynn Bootes is available by appointment to do astrology charts.

          CHS is happy to introduce our new Astrologer in Residence, Lynn Bootes. Lynn has been an astrologer for over 40 years, mostly in California. She discovered Vedic astrology in 2005 and was astonished at how it improved her ability to read accurately for clients. She is a graduate of the American College of Vedic Astrology and Kepler College of Astrology.  Vedic Astrology is the astrology of India and South Asia. It is far more precise and accurate than Western astrology providing  practical answers to your questions about personality, health, career, money, family and relationships.  Vedic astrology respects all spiritual traditions. It links easily to work with chakras, colors, herbs, aromas, chants, yoga, healing, angels, magic, meditation and philosophy. It recognizes the liberating role of free will and God’s grace.  The astrologer can guide you to actions to alter your life for the better.

          WALK-IN MINI-READINGS at Peace of Mind.  Saturdays 12-5 pm. $25 for a 30 minute reading of your birth chart or an answer to a specific question.

                 BY APPOINTMENT (50% deposit required)

—  -BIRTH CHART 1 ¼ hour reading plus a short written report, $125.

—  -HORARY Ask a specific question, 30 minutes, $50.

—  -PREMARITAL. Both parties must agree to the reading and provide data.  ½ hours, $250.

—  -PICKING A DATE  for weddings, business deals, medical procedures and such. $100, plus $30 each for the birth charts of the people involved.

—  -LIFE REVIEW AND PLANNING AHEAD. $50 per each ½ hour if I have already done your birth chart.

—  -RELOCATION.  $50 per each ½ hour.

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