Russ Doden

Russ is a Reiki Master Teacher in two different schools of Reiki; both Ryoho and Gendai Reiki.

Russ Doden- Reiki Master

Russ will be teaching his level 1 Reiki Classes the 3rd Saturdays of each month starting October 16th. Cost of the class is $80 per session with an additional $20 for materials. Each class starts with a guided meditation and then a brief discussion of the instructors Reiki background.  Each student is also encouraged to briefly state what they hope to learn about Reiki.
Class will include a summary of Reiki History, as we now know it, is then presented.  Next is hands on practice of self healing methods and then hand positions for working on others. Following this is the attunements to open the Reiki channel within each participant.
Russ will also be teaching a class in Mindful Meditation. His training was done in Japan in the early 1970’s as well as through a number of  workshops and seminars in California, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma since.
His meditation class will cost $100 for 6 sessions which will be held Wednesdays from 6-8 pm
Session 1  Introductions, What is Insight Meditation and Why Do It?, Sitting Postures, Building concentration and mindfulness – Mindfulness of Breathing.
Session 2  Concentration and Insight Meditation Approaches (i.e., differing choices in meditation) – Mindfulness of Physical Sensations.
Session 3  Working with distractions and difficulties; Mindfulness of feeling, what it is and why it is important – Mindfulness of Feelings.
Session 4  What is consciousness, working with mind-states; the role of loving-kindness in practice – Mindfulness of Consciousness; Metta or Loving-kindness.
Session 5  Hindrances to meditation practice and how to work with them – Mindfulness of Mind-Objects/Dhammas, Working with the Hindrances.
Session 6  Mindfulness in Everyday Life, Course evaluation; opportunities for continuing practice – Walking Meditation.

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