Counseling Services

Counseling with David

Thursdays from 3-5 pm

Call 918-583-1090 to schedule

Our minster, David Kazmierzak, offers free counseling each Thursday.  These are one hour reservations and you must call in advance.

David also offers tarot readings on Thursdays as well.  For a $25.00 donation to the church David will use this tool as a way to delve further into whatever issues you may be experiencing. Readings typically last for 30-40 minutes.

David has been a tarot practitioner for 20 years and takes appointments through Peace of Mind Books.

Mr. Kazmierzak is presently minister of the Unity Center of Bartlesville, teaching and counseling.  Mr. Kazmierzak also plays  in the Bartlesville Symphony and the Tulsa Symphony and Opera and is a tarot  practitioner.  He believes Music, Art and Beauty tie us more closely to truth and light!!

David conducts our 1:15 Eastern-Themed Service.


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