Monthly Healing Service

Peace of Mind


Healing Service

3rd Sunday of the Month

at 5:15 pm

Peace of Mind holds a monthly healing service on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 5:15 pm.  This Spiritually Uplifting Service is for all ages to attend.

The Liberal Catholic Church welcomes all to any of its services, regardless of creed, race, lifestyle or faith tradition. All are welcome to receive the Sacraments of the Church including Communion.


The Liberal Catholic Church erects no barriers around its altars. All who come in a spirit of reverence are welcome to Holy Communion and to all other services of the Church. What opinions or beliefs an individual holds is considered to be his/her own affair. The mind that is free is in the best condition to grow. Growth into spirituality enhances the perception of truth which each one must discover for himself/herself and in his/her own way. Anything less than full mental freedom is thought to retard progress. Thus, the difference between The Liberal Catholic Church and all other Catholic and Protestant Churches lies in the fact that with the ancient sacramental worship have been associated the widest measure of intellectual freedom and respect for the individual conscience.

st. raphael's

We believe in the Unity of all Faiths.

English: The exterior of St Michaels and all A...

English: The exterior of St Michaels and all Angels church, The Liberal Catholic Church in Stockholm Sweden Svenska: Bild på S:t Mikaels och alla Änglars Domkyrka, Liberala Katolska Kyrkan, Stora Essingen, Stockholm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)