Shana Zimmerman

Shana Zimmerman is a life long rock hound and crystal lover, She began her shana zimmermanextensive study into the healing benefits of crystals in 2012. Shana studied Fashion and Business at Fresno City College and at the California Academy of Merchandising, but her heart and soul is in healing and enlightenment. Shana has been with the Church of Holistic Science since October 2014, and has been teaching a series of crystal workshops since January 2015.
Her Crystals for Life: How to Rock Your Rocks Classes meet at Peace of Mind Monthly, so be sure to check the calendar for the next scheduled class!
Her introductory crystal workshop will instruct about the types and formations of quartz crystals, including three other categories (jaspers, agates & feldspars). Shana holds the only crystal workshop available in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She brings years of experience working with these healing energies!
Shana will also show you how to cleanse, and charge your crystals! The workshop will conclude with a five minute meditation on setting intention for the stones.
Shana also has her own Crystal and Stone business which sells exclusively online and is the source for the rare and unique specimens we receive at Spiritworks Gifts.

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Oklahoma Selenite is one of the many natural stones we source here at Spiritworks Gifts.