classesThe classes offered through the Academy of Holistic Science is our educational outreach branch of CHS. The Academy focuses on classes and workshops for students of all ages enriching the mind, body, and the spirit through a wide variety of learning opportunities.

Our faculty at CHS has an extensive and various background.  Employing instructors from all sacred paths and traditions enables us to realize our dream of making this a Spiritually Connected Community Center.  Just like the spokes on the wheel of our symbol, each person contributes their talents towards manifesting the vision of the church. Click on the links provided to see each teacher’s qualifications and the classes and workshops they offer here at CHS.

Classes will include meditation, yoga, dance, nutrition, as well as academic subjects such as personal mythology and chaos theory.  Classes will be held at Peace of Mind Books.

Following is a list of classes currently offered.

Meditation Class Monday at 5:30

Kundalini Yoga Thursday at 5:30

Sacred Sciences Monday, Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays

Empowering Goddesses Wednesdays at 6:30

The Four Agreements Round Table Third Thursday of each month 6:00

Reiki Classes Third Saturday of the month 10-5

Please see our calendar for dates and times.

Free coffee and wi-fi available.



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